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Gra-V-Bar M.A.Q.C. Through Attachment Bolt Size 1/4 -20

Gra-V-Bar M.A.Q.C. Through Attachment Bolt Size 1/4 -20

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The Gra-V-Bar system is the most advance stabilization system which allows the archer to use the natural gravity, to gain superior stability and performance. AEP also designed a multi angle quick disconnect feature which also allows the archer to place on, remove off and put away the Stabolution with minimal time and effort. Please make sure your bow is compatible with this product by reading the description below. If you are still unsure, please feel free to give us a call to better serve you. 

Includes: 1 Gra- V Bar Connector, 1 Bolt, 2 Cylinder Pins

Compatible with: Hoyt, Elite

Attachment is placed: Through the riser quiver hole

Bolt Size: 1/4 -20

*M.A.Q.C.= Multi Angle Quick Connector

Additional Information

Model AEP-1601
Manufacturer No